The R4i SDHC 3DS or R4 3DS as it is also known comes from the same people that brought you the R4i SDHC card. The R4i-SDHC.com team have created a wonderful device that now works with the latest Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL consoles and offers an unrivaled level of features. With the R4 3DS you can backup, playback and view your favourite files on the go, imagine being able to playback files such as music, movies, photos and even the latest eBooks all your 3DS console.

Nintendo DS storage devices essentially ‘extend the use’ of the Nintendo DS game console family. They give the consoles ‘new features’ not originally included with the consoles, more or less making user experiences more well rounded. The most common uses for DS storage devices or flash carts involves storing/reading DS game backups, in addition to homebrew games/software and playing music files.

The R4 flash cart is one of the best known storage devices for the Nintendo DS game console family. Around the release of the Nintendo 3DS, however, no flash carts were compatible with the device. Nowadays, R4 creators R4i-SDHC have produced a flash cart that’s completely compatible with the newer iteration of the DS. This flash cart is known as the R4 3DS.

A glance at the R4 3DS Flash Cart

The R4 3DS (also known as the R4i-SDHC 3DS cart) is naturally one of the most popular flash carts for the Nintendo 3DS console. The R4 3DS is fully compatible with the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DSi, DSi XL, in addition to the Nintendo DS and DS Lite.

Although the device is made for the 3DS, it can’t actually run 3DS game backups; it’s compatible with DS game backups and homebrew software/games stored on the device itself.

When compared to other flash carts, this one offers stronger compatibility and much steadier game speeds and quality. The cart also updates wirelessly via Wi-Fi, ensuring end users don’t have to manually update their devices by connecting to the computer. Updates for homebrew games, software and apps are also supported through their auto-updating feature.

The 3DS can take advantage of its ability to playback video files using the Moonshell file format, NDS-MPEG or DPG. R4 3DS also transforms the game console into a music player, with its ability to store, playback and efficiently organize music files right on the device itself.

R4 3DS also reads various document and eBook files, and supports various homebrew apps, software and games available on the web.

The R4 3DS currently supports files including document/eBook files like ePub, PDF, TXT and HTML. It also plays MP3 files and DPG movie files. The device also features an Internet browser app, in addition to support for homebrew social media apps for sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Verdict? Priced similarly to other R4 devices (around $20 USD), users can’t go wrong with purchasing this flash cart. In fact, this version is recommended over the previous iterations, since it supports the entire family of DS game consoles.