R4i SDHC Card

The R4i SDHC card offers an upgrade over the previous R4 card from the R4DS.com team, with the R4i you can experience all the benefits of the R4 but now on either a DSi or DSi XL console. The R4i SDHC is made by the R4i-SDHC.com team and comes from the same manufacturers as hugely successful R4 SDHC for the DS/ DSL consoles.
With experience in creating superb DS device the R4i SDHC has become a huge hit, attract large publicity worldwide and becoming the number one selling device for the DSi and DSi XL console.

R4i cards have been growing in popularity among gamers, particularly among those who own a Nintendo DS, DSi or DSi XL. Many avid gamers have advocated that any DS owner must own an R4i card. For thousands of DS owners, using anything other than the R4i card is not even an option, let aside it being a choice.

Those who are not accustomed with the R4i phenomenon would also be unaware of its benefits. Thus, one may wonder if one should invest in R4i cards. There are many utilities of R4i cards and those are precisely why you should buy them.

First, R4i cards come with generous memory where you can store your games and play them on your DS consoles. This may not be a quaint or an out worldly feature but if you draw a comparison of the R4i cards and the normal DS game cards then you would realize the benefits. The normal game cards are typically meant for storing only one game. You would buy a game card when you wish to play a certain game, play the game and when you are bored or you are done playing the game there is not further utility of the game card. You would either give that game card to your friend to play or it would get lost in your stock of old gadgets and gizmos. R4i cards can store multiple games. You can easily have ten of your best games on an R4i card. If you are done with one game, you need not buying a new game card or wait for someone to gift you a game card. You can simply load another game onto the R4i card and start playing again.

Convenience is certainly a reward of the R4i cards but imagine the savings you would make. Instead of buying 10 or 20 odd game cards, you need to buy only 1 R4i card. Besides, the price of an R4i card is more affordable than game cards. It is a complete win-win for any DS owner to use an R4i card and be free from the shortcomings and clutches of game cards.

An R4i card is not just meant for games but for any type of files. Apart from storing games and playing them as and when you want, you can store movies, music, files or documents and anything that is useful for you.